Hi everyone! Here is a little bit about me…

I live with my wife and young daughter in Crowthorne but grew up in Warfield and went to school in Ascot. Most of our family live between Ascot, Sandhurst, Warfield and Bracknell so we are all very local. However as the name suggests we do have family up north too and there is even a Macbeth Farm up there with the most incredible blue eggs if your interested.

I started in Estate Agency in 2003, I fell in love with the industry very quickly, put the hours in and climbed the ladder from a trainee to a Sales Managing Director. I have experienced the good, bad and the ugly within this industry. I have seen sale tactics over used, manipulation of peoples feelings and many more things that morally I don’t agree with. So why Avocado Property?

The creation of this business was very simple – change everything!

Estate Agency was out-dated, the marketing from most agents is poor and most clients don’t get value for money. In one sentence I will share our business plan with you; “Estate agents in general do this… Let’s to the opposite”.

As a local family man I have a connection with the Berkshire communities. As a local business man I have a connection with the local business owners and I am always happy to help promote good companies.

We really feel we are a business that can make the home moving experience better for the public and better for the people involved in processing it.

I look forward to chatting with you in the future.