It has been just over a year since we launched and now that we are in the full swing of things, we thought it would be a good idea to check in and make sure we’re staying true to our original bold promises.

Since we kicked off the business, we have been very vocal about our commitment to disrupt the estate agency industry, but why? 

Working as an estate agent can be an awkward, dare I say an embarrassing topic of conversation.  When Mike (Co-Founder) and I started to form the idea of Avocado Property, we were both dedicated to creating a business that our children, family and friends would be proud of. That’s why this will always be an incredible emotional connection we have with the business and why Avocado Property is so different to every other estate agency in the country.

I am pleased to say that our children love the brand, the business, what their Daddy’s do and their mini pink hoodies. We are so pleased that we challenged the status quo and even more grateful for all the feedback we get from everyone. At the end of the day we are just local Dads, with lots of property knowledge, finally enjoying what we do every single day.

A question we asked ourselves frequently while building the business was “Could we really initiate change across the whole country in an industry so dense in businesses and direct personalities?”

And the answer is simple, yes we can. If you are reading this blog the chances are you will have seen us across social media from time to time. Sorry if it’s all you ever see on your socials now… It’s kind of what we do.  As a result the industry has indeed taken note, and we see it as a compliment every time a local estate agent is influenced by our style or techniques. Estate agents are pushing video marketing much more now; something we have pioneered from day one here at Avocado.

We find it amazing that large corporate giants of the industry have been forced to change their marketing style so drastically in such a short space of time because of the social media impact we are making.  But most importantly, you, the public will hopefully now be enjoying a much nicer experience when searching for a property locally.

“We will continue to innovate and change the marketing status quo of estate agents as we aim to remove the poor value for money service which has echoed around the industry for serval decades.” This promise we stay until the day we no longer work or even better, the industry becomes loved and not frowned upon.

A growing culture

Inside the brand we have a special hashtag every time a new partner leaves the employed world of departmental estate agency and start to build their own Avocado themed business: Welcome to the #AvoFamily.

Culture is everything to a business driven by purpose; because as a business grows it is important everyone from the inside truly believes in the overall mission.  This is why we have said no to way more people than we have said yes to.  It is not aboutsize, volume or money – it is about change, quality and family.

Thank You

On behalf of the Avocado Family I say thank you for your support so far, thank to our community of clients that have worked with us and thank you to the estate agents in the UK that have also embraced the change.

The mission continues… We are also proud to have been independently placed in the top 5% of UK estate agency businesses this month.

People often say that we took on a very brave challenge launching such a ‘different’ business right in the middle of a global pandemic. But for us it was the perfect time to instigate a change in the industry.

Do people like estate agents across the country yet? Maybe not just quite yet, but we will keep growing, innovating and spreading the word that estate agents can build a profitable business while putting people before property transactions.

Thanks for reading everyone.

See you soon,

Avocado Ian