How to make your home stand out online

Rightmove stated that January was their busiest month EVER. They’ve seen a massive increase in the number of sales happening across the county for all types of properties.

If you’re selling your home right now it’s important to make sure your property stands out and catches the eye of home-movers.

So here our some top tips to make sure your property attracts the biggest number of potential buyers…

Make a great first impression

As soon as your property goes live it instantly becomes visible to MILLIONS of home-hunters.

It will also be sent out as a Property Alert email to anyone who’s asked us to help them to find a property like yours.

Your property will get the most visibility and interest in the first two weeks, therefore you want to make sure you’ve started with your best foot forward. Giving your property the best chance it can get!

Price correctly

A recent study showed that pricing your home accurately doubles your chances of selling successfully.

It will also help you sell quicker!

No matter how wonderful your house is, and how beautifully presented, if it’s overpriced it’s probably not going to get the attention it deserves.

Most homebuyers have done their research and will be able to quickly see if a property’s asking price is excessive, and may not even look at it.

Here at Avocado, we will advice you on the what we think you should set as an initial asking price. As each agent is an expert in their area, we will use our knowledge and experience to correctly price your property. So don’t fear, we’ve got your back!

Beautiful photos and well done videos

Everyone knows how important good photos are!

Dark, badly-framed images of untidy spaces can be off-putting, whereas bright well-taken photographs that really capture the space are click magnets.

At Avocado we use the high spec equipment and years of experience to correctly capture your property. We know we do things differently and we know it works!

Here are some tips:

  • Invest some time in tidying up and decluttering the property. Dress it up and make it look its very best
  • Spaces such as gardens and office spaces are in high demand, so make sure they’re tidy and presentable
  • Avoid including images of your personal photographs on the mantelpiece

A winning description

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but using the right words in the description of your property can also be a powerful way to ignite interest in your home.

Again, this is something we will help with but you can help by giving us plenty to work with!

What do you most love about your home and the area? Is it the large windows in the living room? The bright and spacious kitchen? Sitting on the terrace during spring and summer? Or the local walks? Or the amazing feel of community?

The more you can paint a picture of the wonderful features and advantages that come with your house, the better.

Since the first lockdown certain home feature/aspects have become extremely popular among home hunters. Here’s a list outlining what home hunters are looking for (and if you’ve got them we recommend you make a song and dance of it):

  • Garden ​
  • Access to parking/garage​
  • Home workspace​/office
  • Green spaces nearby​

As your agent, we’ll also be able to advise you on what’s popular in your area.


This is very important, as it’ll make your home easier for buyers to find. So be sure to include words and terms that you would type in if you were looking for a home like yours.

Summary description- Grab their attention!

There will usually be quite a few properties to scroll through, so at this point the aim is to grab people’s attention and get them to click on yours!

Agree with your agent what the most attractive selling points of your home are, and make sure those are highlighted in the summary box.


Over 90% of buyers and tenants think that seeing a floorplan is essential. And listings that include floorplans tend to get much more attention than those that don’t. That’s why at Avocado, we always include a floor plan with every property we sell.

Online viewings

In the current lockdown situation, home-movers are being encouraged to view a house virtually before going to see it in person, so that’s why we’re also offering people the option to view properties virtually.

 If you apply all these tips, your lovely home will get all the love and attention it truly deserves!

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