Build your own dreams, or someone else will employ you to build theirs

Time to own who you are? I mean, really own who you truly are! Control your time, build a business, build more wealth, be part of a winning brand, change your life and become present in your family? How nice would it be to do the school run without taking holiday? This is what it means to become an avocado partner.

We are not here to mess about, we say no to more people than we say yes to. Only the best join the brand, and if that’s you, then let’s get chatting.

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“Build a business your kids, family and friends are proud of.”

Let’s talk real, people in the UK don’t really like estate agents! So as a result it can be a bit awkward when we meet someone new and you say you’re an agent. The Avocado Property brand breaks this mould. We are all on a mission, together, to change the industry. And we will.


"Being able to pick my daughter from school most of the week is massive for me!"

Ryan Bloomfield

“Go deliver an experience so incredible your client even recommends their Mum to you!”

Communication has been the number 1 complaint in estate agencies for over 25 years. By building your business around a single point of contact service you can change that. The public deserve it, and they are happy to pay more for it too. The ultimate goal in business is to have uncontested business from recommendations. Let’s be honest, if someone is happy to recommend their mum to you then you have won the day.


"The relationships I have with my friends and family have all improved.  I use to be grumpy, stressed and not really present in the moment with people. Now I am happy and all-round just a better friend"

Stuart Bock

“Always put people before property and always set the standard in our industry.”

If you love dropping leaflets in a suit, then this brokerage is not for you. We are the industry innovators, the social media training new partners get is second to none and the tools supplied within the licence agreement are the best in the business. People DON’T buy people, people buy trust… The avocado model will give your business the opportunity to become the most trusted agent in your community.


"After having my girls, if I had gone back to employed rolls I would have earned 10k a year. I have 10 years agency experience! Now I earn as much as I did employed full time and spend all the time I want with my daughters raising them as a mother should."

Georgina Patey
Hear from our founder, Ian Macbeth

How it works

If you’re here its because you sense that you are bigger that staying employed in estate agency until you retire. Maybe you sense the traditional model needs a shake up in our industry? We agree...

Some people want their own time back, some want more money in the bank account and some want the challenge of building a company.  Whichever one is your motivator we will support and give you the blueprint needed to make it a success too.

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Award winning

It was a night to remember for the team at the prestigious Negotiator Awards. We were thrilled to be named the 'Best New Model Estate Agency in the UK'.

In a category full of talent, 13 of the country’s top self-employed model agencies were shortlisted. Being announced as the winners in a room buzzing with over a thousand industry professionals was true a milestone moment for Avocado Property and our team.

For 15 years, the Negotiator Awards have been a benchmark of excellence, known for their integrity and transparency.

The accolades didn't stop there. Avocado also took home the bronze for 'Best Estate Agency Website in the UK'. Achieving this in just three years of operation, amidst a competitive field of over 24,000 agents, is something we are incredibly proud of.

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Employed Agent vs Ltd Business Owner

Let us explain...

Take home pay based on £50k gross salary (2023)£38,022.40£46,812.16
Take home pay based on £100k gross salary (2023)£67,049.40£80,004.66
Cost of making a purchase for something you’ll use for work eg Iphone 14 (check out the video for Mikes’ explanation)£1600 gross salary£784 with tax deducted
Job SecurityNoneYou rely on yourself
Working flexibilityNoneYou rely on yourself
Holiday entitlementNoneYou rely on yourself

To understand how this affects you, speak to Mike.

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Your Launch Plan

‘The Blueprint’; the tried and tested blueprint that is worth millions now! Needless to say we can’t give all the secrets away on this page, or everyone would copy it! But below is a flavour of the avocado launch sauce. Book a call to get some more information.

Background Set Up

Once committed, a lot of the leg work can be done while you are still on a salary somewhere. Compliance, paperwork and a few other really fun new things to learn too.

Content & Marketing

This is a win for every new agent that joins. The avocado training on content and digital making kicks the arse out of any other…. This is one on one training. A level up in your personal development.

Pro Video Shoot & Photos

Every business needs a sexy launch plan. The photoshoot and video recording in your home time is a big part of that.

Social Pages and Meta Ads

Can’t give too much away here, but Ian will help set your business up with some awesome sales funnels, optimised social pages and some other little fun tricks too.

OMNI Presence

The difference that will send your business to the people that need to see it. It takes time and commitment but it works. #OMNI

44 Point Onboarding Plan

If you want to know more then we will need to do an NDA and have a chat.

What do the Avocado Partners Say

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Never let anyone else be in control of your goals or your time again… Let’s do this!

At avocado we only work with the best. Our ‘no arseholes’ policy is pivotal in the growth plan. The group commitment to innovation with all the partners' agents means we will always set the standards for the future of estate agencies.

Lock in your area, level up your life and make the call.

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