Before reading any further here is a quote to think about for a few seconds…

“If you don’t follow your goals; somebody will employ you to build theirs…”

We believe the best agents in the country are the ones who care about the industry, care about the client and they are driven by their goals to be the best they can be. Is that you?

Can anyone truly fulfil their capacity in an employed role or will you always be ring fenced by someone else’s culture and agenda? We believe people should never live inside a comfort zone.

A partnership in Avocado Property gives the elite property agents in the UK the chance to build their own LTD business. This is the chance you have potentially waited for to control your own diary, work from home or in HQ and build a business asset!

We give each partner agent access to the blueprint of success, access to all the tools need to build and start a business in your hometown. We show you how to create different streams or income and how to build a personal brand.

Our goal is to build a business network that changes the way UK estate agency operates. It is time the public received value for money and local estate agents became respected in our communities.

If you are an arsehole please don’t contact us. If you are an experienced talented and passionate agent then lets chat.

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