Why trust avocado with your property?

Nobody should pay hundreds of pounds a month to be passed around from one office to the next, from one person to another and constantly getting slapped in the face with a voicemail. We are landlords just like you and we are letting agents with decades of experience. Our job is to protect you and your assets. You talk directly to us, we give you our personal mobile and we work together to make sure your goals are achieved.

The Avocado Lettings Journey


We will have chat about your property, what your plans are and what your property could achieve. You will get straight up advice from us and there will be no false promises. Honesty is key.


When you give us the go ahead, we create the marketing. Each marketing video is presenter led for max engagement! We use a digital strategy for the video length, music and focus features. Nobody does property videos like avocado do. The world is driven by data and mobile phones. Who sees your home and when they see your home no longer needs to be left to chance. That's where we come in. Estate agency meets digital marketing.

Whatsapp Group Communication

How easy would it be if everyone involved in the Letting of your property were in the same Whatsapp Group. Updates on your property, feedback and no telphone tag with office landlines. Done. That’s how we do things here at Avocado.

Getting organised

We will be with you from start to finish. Helping you with safety document requirements, cleans, inventory and check in and anything else needed to get your property ready to let.


We will discuss all offers with you from suitable Tenants and once you have chosen one, we will thoroughly reference them to make sure everything checks out. Once we are comfortable proceeding with the tenants then we will take of the tenancy agreement and getting the initial monies paid. We will keep you updated every step of the way.

After move in

After the tenants have moved in you have peace of mind that the correct documentation has been served to the tenants before their move in date ensuring the tenancy is compliant and there is no risk to you as a Landlord or us as your agent.

We will process your account our end and you will receive the first months rent minus our agreed fees within 48 hours.

If we fully managed your property then sit back, relax and we will look after everything for you for your property. Nice and easy!

If we don’t fully manage your property then we will take care of the rent collection and will advise the Tenants of your contact details to report any maintenance issues they may have.


I have a property to let, where to start?

The short list is:

  • Get consent from your mortgage lender (if required),
  • Landlord insurance covering the building and your liability as a landlord, (take advice from your insurer or broker as many additional policies with other cover are available)
  • Non resident landlord letting consent from the HMRC (if you are living overseas)
  • EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)
  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)
  • Landlord Gas Safety Certificate

Our advice, please, please do not struggle through researching how to do this alone. A professional landlord will have a ‘Power Team’ of people. Most of us aren’t at the level where we have a team of people around us to serve all purposes, so, tap into those we trust at Avocado property.

How do I choose the right Property Manager?

This is key. The industry will pitch you ‘get the right agent’ but really, it’s not that relevant. One agent in your town likely rents more houses as they’re funded by a large owner and bought 3 or 4 of their competition, so have the largest market share. Likely they don’t offer the best service or value. The market sets how much your property will rent for, and it should take about 2-3 weeks based on the current stats in the tenant finding process. If the average tenancy length is now in excess of 2 years, you’re best off not getting to know that friendly Lettings Manager (salesman), you want to know the Property Manager, and the company’s reputation with their own landlords, and tenants. Check out the website, Google reviews, Social media and podcasts to see the level of advice they’re giving, and if it aligns with how you want your property looked after.

What do I pay for?

Traditionally, this is a very sticky question with a letting agent. Normally, you’ll hear the response of a certain % fee for management, etc. Truth is, there are a number of ways a letting agent will fairly (and sometimes unfairly) take a fee from you. Yes, there is a monthly management fee, normally a % rate. But also a set up fee, contract fee, referencing fee, mark ups made on inventories, safety certificates, renewal fees, sometimes even a ‘compliance fee’, markup on contractor fees…. Other fees are available….

Avocado Property charges easy to understand flat fees, as we’re landlords ourselves, we understand more about what a landlord would want, a bit of simplicity. Click here for a link to our terms and conditions, including breakdown of fees.

How are tenants referenced?

We use an external referencing agency called Goodlord, you’ll hear us refer to their stats here and there in our podcasts, and updates as they are one of the UK’s biggest referencing agents, compliance experts and collectors of letting data. Referencing companies all do a similar job, to check a tenant’s income and previous history. It is still the skill of the agent, and judgement call between agent and their landlord, to ensure the correct tenant is chosen for the property, not just the first one that comes along.

What is a tenant deposit?

The tenant hands over a deposit equivalent to 5 weeks rent. This is the maximum figure. Some agencies offer a ‘No Deposit Option’ taking, you guessed it, a fee in exchange. We don’t believe that’s in the best interest of the landlord. The deposit has to be held registered until an agreed release with one of three approved bodies. If it is not done so, a landlord can be liable for a fine of up to 3 times the value of the deposit. Termination notices can also be found to be void.

I’m unhappy with my current agent, what can I do about it?

Firstly, raise your concern with your agent. Communication is important and there might be something they can do about it. If nothing can be done, check your terms and conditions, as a contract, it must have either a defined start and end date of management, or clear defined actions you can take to terminate. Otherwise their terms are unfair. There have been numerous instances of letting agencies have unfair terms that have been proven. We’re more than happy to assist you in writing a letter of notice to your current agency.


“This is the first agency that I am happy with while renting a flat in the UK. Very helpful and most important - very responsive! I can't express how good the service that we are getting from Pooja is - never had a problem contacting her, always quickly responding to emails and trying to help as much as she can. Very positive and professional approach to work - I would recommend her and overall Avocado Property. Thank you!”

Aneta Walczak

“Avocado manage my rental property and after using a previous estate agent, they are like a breath of fresh air! Every one of the personnel that I have dealt with have been polite and professional and give feedback when needed. I’m totally ‘hands off’ with this agency, just what you need when you have a long let. Thoroughly recommended.”

Amanda Mumford

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