By now most people have heard that the stamp duty holiday has been extended to the end of June, which is good news if you're on the hunt for a new home! The only issue you might face is getting your current property ready in time to sell...

So here's a helpful video with 3.5 tips to ensure you get your property purchase and the sale will go through inside the new stamp duty holiday.

Tip #1 Stage your property! 
Get ride of clutter and touch up any areas that need some attention. You want to make your home look as presentable as possible.

Tip #2  Price correctly and speak to local estate agents! 
Do some research and see what similar properties to yours are selling for. Make sure to get a rough idea of what properties like yours are selling for in the area, this will
help you out massively.

Tip #3 Get your power team!
Be sure to pick a top quality mortgage advisor, be sure to pick one who is easy to get hold of, well experienced and local. You'll also want to make sure you've picked a good solicitor 
and conveyancer, and make sure you are talking directly to the fee earner.

Tip #3.5 Pick the right agent for YOU.
Be sure to research local estate agents and look at how they market their properties and see if that's how you'd like your home to be shown. Be sure to check out their reviews online and 
see how many properties they have on the market currently compared to how many they've sold.

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