Avocado property is a bespoke estate agency, which is what makes us unique. We understand that with uniqueness comes unfamiliarity, so that's why I've written this blog, to help you understand what our purpose and point is at Avocado. I hope you enjoy the read!

Avocado Property has been created with a single goal to make the estate and letting agency industry better for the you the public. We know the industry doesn’t have the best reputation and unlike most frustrating estate agents we understand why.

The biggest complaint in UK Estate Agency is communication. Surely good communication is the least you would expect for a charging service of thousands of pounds? It would appear not!

So I will get to the point…

Wouldn’t it be better to sell your property and only ever talk to the first person you met?

The person who gave you the confidence to put your home on the market and clearly had an experience level you trusted.

Avocado Property was created to ensure you have a single point of contact from the start and all the way to the finish. No departments, no junior staff doing viewings that have never seen your home, no call centres and no suits!

Selling a home is often a very emotional process, therefore all Avocado Property clients will only ever talk to one agent. An agent who lives in your local community, is highly experienced in the industry and owns their own business; so you know they care that little bit more.

As an example, if you choose to instruct me (Ian Macbeth) to help with your move, this is a quick check list on how the process will work:

• First point of contact and book in an appointment

• Chat through property pricing, marketing and other local house sales

• Advice on the market and your home using my 18 years experience

• I shoot and edit all photos. I will then WhatsApp them to you

• Film and edit an immersive video for your home

• Create social media paid adverts and property video funnels

• Writing bespoke marketing text for rightmove and zoopla adverts

• You write your own paragraph for the adverts about why you love your home

• I conduct all viewing appointments.

• Instant feedback via WhatsApp straight from the appointment

• Advise, check and explain all offers with you on your home

• Support and update everyone throughout the transaction process

• Drop off keys on completion day

And all the above is done with a single point of contact – You & Me.

We believe this is the future of estate agency. I look forward to helping you in the future and thanks for reading all the way to the end.

Feel free to get in contact or even book a valuation with me here