Sprucing up your home with a dash of green technology could not only make it more appealing to eco-conscious buyers but also potentially bump up its market value by a handsome 15%.

It seems that a significant number of property seekers in the UK are on the lookout for homes that are not just cozy nests but also kind to the planet. According to a study by Ovo Energy[1] a whopping two-thirds of house hunters are keen on properties decked out with green upgrades like solar panels, triple-glazed windows, and top-notch roof insulation to boost energy efficiency and slash carbon footprints.

This growing demand for eco-friendly houses presents a golden opportunity for sellers to polish the appeal and price tag of their homes by embracing green tech. Surprisingly, less than half of the homes across the UK boast an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) rating of C or above! However, improving your property's EPC rating from F to a C could see its value soar by up to 15%, as highlighted in Rightmove's 2023 Greener Homes report. To put numbers into perspective, on an average property valued at £285,000, this upgrade could add a cool £42,750 to its worth.  But, do you agree? At avocado we are on the fence…

Interestingly, while boosting property value ranks fifth among the reasons for making eco-friendly home improvements, over a third of potential buyers admit they're more inclined to bid on a home if it sports green enhancements like triple glazing and roof insulation.

Tim Bannister from Rightmove said [2]

"Sellers who've upgraded their home's energy efficiency can command a premium at sale time. This year is pivotal for innovation and sharing data-driven insights in this area."

For those of you unsure which green technologies to adopt, solar panels are a popular pick, followed by EV charging points, smart meters, wall insulation, and smart thermostats.

It's clear to us that making your home more energy-efficient not only contributes to a healthier planet but could also significantly enhance its market appeal and according to this report; value.

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[2] Rightmove’s Greener Homes Report (July 2023)