We have both sold properties ourselves for the first time and know exactly what emotions you go though, its a crazy journey! Its also a little daunting, as you’re never sure what needs to be done or when it needs to be done by....

Lets take it back to the basics... First things first is the price you market at, it is so important you get this as accurate as possible when you first launch. You can only make a first impression once and this is the hottest time on all of the portals. We all have a much better chance of selling and getting the best price if it doesn't have to be changed later down the line.

Solicitors... This is so different from when we bought our first home. When buying, you just instruct solicitors when you have found and usually go for the cheapest, however it's a little different when selling. It is best to instruct solicitors right at the start before you have found a buyer, as the initial paperwork can be done and this can take a couple of week. If you do this later it can add time to the sale process which is already a long time and definitely not what you want! Also if you are selling a leasehold property, please speak to the management company to get the sellers pack as this is usually what holds up the sale.

Viewings... Presenting your home. It's near impossible to live that perfect life with no mess and you’re unlikely to have viewings at the times you always want them. However it is worth keeping everything clean, clutter free and as tidy as possible at all times for viewings.

Information…So many questions are asked by buyers and no question is too silly. Our advice is to overload your agent with information. The more informed your agent is the better they’ll be able to sell your home. Boiler been serviced? Loft insulated? Which way does the garden face? Are the neighbours friendly? Are bouncy castles allowed on the weekend?

Dan & Neil – Avocado Partner Agents