Don’t be that person.

I have never been shy of critique towards traditional estate agents; but this topic is around buyers.  Personal time has never been more vital and this blog is about the buyers who don’t seem care to care about your time or ours…

When booking a viewing to see a property it’s not just a commitment to a flexible appointment.  It is a commit to look at somebody’s home.  With that commitment to view, the homeowner is also likely to spend a fair amount of effort getting their home ready for you. Hours of effort sometimes can be put into tidying and cleaning a property.  On top of that, due to the current climate, that homeowner has to make arrangements to leave their property and go somewhere for the duration of the viewing.

For an estate agent like us, we will block out a diary and give up our personal and professional time for you the viewer.

So as the title of this blog says… DON’T BE THAT PERSON who cancels last minute like it means nothing.  Things happen and we understand that.  Just try to put yourself in the eyes of the homeowner before you do.

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