RIdings Barn, Alford

I received a call from Christina after she had seen my advert on Facebook, while I was attending an open house on a property that I was selling in Battersea, London. Having had a conversation about the Barns, she asked if I was available to meet them down there to show them around. Having just finished my last appointment at my open house, I set off (It's just over 40 Miles away from Battersea to Alfold...) to meet Christina, her husband Nicolas, and their dog Luna and showed them around the Barns.

Well, they absolutely loved the Barns, they were surprised as to how big they are and the quality of the finish, we struck a deal for Plot 7, the very next day.

I can't wait for them to move into their lovely new home within the next month or so.

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Lee Glomé

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