Something all parents will go through is choosing a school for their children (with the exception of those willing and able to home school their children.. outside of lockdowns obviously)  
I am currently at the beginning of the process for my daughter. We are looking at the closest schools to us in Earley and it is a much bigger decision than I first thought it would be. The fact that she isn’t even three yet is by the by, I’m just not ready for my baby to grow up! It feels like a huge responsibility to get it right for her as it will shape her attitude to education and future prospects with secondary schools. 
I always thought as we are lucky enough to have amazing schools in this area, we would just go for the most convenient one for walking to school. However now I have started to do my research, I realise that although they all work from the same curriculum, all schools work in different ways and certain schools will suit different children’s needs, abilities and personalities. 
If I were in the position to be moving again now this would factor hugely on what house I would buy. As it does with most parents. However, I would put more emphasis on looking into each school’s ethos rather than results and Ofsted rating. 
So to the lovely families of Earley and Woodley who are considering a move, my advice is to investigate the local schools in a bit more detail before choosing a location and ensure the property is within the catchment for your preferred school(s) The catchment areas do change so you can always ask me or check with Wokingham Borough Council to be certain. 
Remember the applications need to be made a year in advance so best to get moving as soon as you can… but being an estate agent of course I would say that