Do you have to cancel Christmas in order to sell your house in December?

You may have noticed that Ian, the Avo team and I enjoy Christmas. Most of us have young kids and after 2020 it’s good to get excited about something. So, when I visit or speak to sellers on the phone I keep getting asked the same question….

‘If I put my house on the market now do I have to get rid of my decorations?’

Absolutely not! I think everyone right now, is enjoying Christmas lights and decs. However, do bear in mind the famous Avocado 10% move out rule.

If you haven’t seen our 10% move out video and blogs, it’s a basic principle, if you have a busy house and potentially moving as you’ve outgrown your home. Take at least 10% of your possessions out of the property, to a parent’s or friends garage to maximise the floor space. So on Christmas decorations and trees please do make your house seasonal but don’t fill the floor or cover the windows and make the living space feel smaller than it is!