Have you ever been on an appointment and questioned if the agent even knows what they are talking about? 

With Avocado property we eliminate any confusion during the process, or unanswered questions, because from start to finish you are dealing with the business owner who is experienced, knows the property, the clients circumstances AND is local to the area they are representing. 

We feel this is really important to a successful transaction. Why should you have to trust that someone who has only been in agency for a matter of months, will be able to represent you and your home in the best way possible? Quite simply, you shouldn’t. 

We have been in the industry for a long time, therefore we know most companies will have one person meet the sellers and have that person take the property onto the market. They’ll then have someone else in charge of showing the buyers around… You may have been on a viewing before where you have heard “I’ll have to find out and come back to you” or even been told something you know is just a wild guess! By having only one point of contact, any information that the sellers provide us with will be passed onto the buyers. Any properties we hold viewings on are handled by that particular business owner, who knows the sales process and knows how to overcome any objections that arise. 

We genuinely enjoy showing people around properties and have been doing it for years before we progressed in the company. We enjoy doing it and we’re good it, so why change that and leave it to someone else?

We have years of experience and training with objection handling and managing any difficult situations. We also like to think of ourselves as approachable and honest people, so we’re best suited to not only manage your sale for you but also show any possible buyers around your home, as we will be representing you throughout.

Buyers are a very important part of the process so they also deserve the best level of service possible, why should you take time out of your day to view houses, only to get there and the agent not know the answers to your questions? You don’t. 

This is a big decision to make and if you fall in love with a home you’ve viewed but have to wait days for the agent to come back to you on simple points, you are likely to either go elsewhere and chose another property, or worse yet, lose out on that particular property purchase. 

At Avocado Property you as a buyer and seller are only ever dealing with the business owners, the ones who have the experience and knowledge and the ones who are genuinely happy to help in any way possible. We are passionate about the people, not just the properties and we are confident that being able to offer this type of service is crucial to the industry. 

As always we would welcome any questions or discussions around this, feel free to get in touch anytime.