When is the right time?
Hello and welcome to my first blog, I’ve not written one before so here goes…
I’ve been employed since I was 17, most of that time has been as an estate agent and now 26 years later, I decide to make the jump and become self employed. Launching my estate agency business in the first week in August.
“Well that’s bad timing, you should’ve started earlier this year”, I was told by somebody whilst walking out of Co-op last week. “Or you should’ve waited until the schools go back”.  
Well I couldn’t launch earlier this year, I simply wasn’t ready or able to do so. I also didn't want to wait until September either. I need to get underway so people know I’m here.  When is the right time to do anything? If you overthink it, there’s never a good time and always a reason not too.
So, when is the right time to sell your home?
Summer? Well its holiday season, the kids are off school and in the way, they are probably bored already (that’s how it is in my family), the house is untidy and the garden overgrown. Better wait until the…
Autumn. The children have only just gone back to school, its half-term soon, the clocks have gone back and its dark now, Strictly is on, its nearly Christmas!!!  Lets wait until the…
Winter. It is Christmas!  Its cold, wet and dark. The house doesn’t look at its best and we’ve got family coming over. I’ll just wait and tidy up and then put the house on in the…
Spring. Now I need to decorate, tidy up the garden. Plan for my summer holiday and children have exams!  Too much going on I’d better wait until later on…
You see, never a good time.
The biggest reason for people not wanting to go onto the market is, “I haven’t seen anything I want to buy. Where am I going to move to?”
The reality of it is, when your dream house does come onto the market, unless you are in a position to buy it immediately, the chances are you will miss out. Or, you will panic sell your own house. Looking for that quick sale thats needed to secure your onward purchase.  That quick sale could potentially cost you tens of thousands of pounds - and there is never a good time to do that!
Really, there is never an ideal time to market your home. Something will always come up. I would say if you want to move, or need to move…..you have just got to jump in. See what happens and what price you can get for your property. You might be surprised and get more than you think and suddenly moving is easy!  If not, you cannot find anything you like or you can’t achieve the price you want. Then you just simply come off the market. Like me, most estate agents will only charge you on a completion of sale. So it wont cost you anything.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You have just got to take that jump.
Regardless of the time of year, if you’d like a simple chat about property or any tips about how to market your home. Give me a call or send an email.

Michael Childs