Do I get a survey?

We have seen so many different house sales go through us over the years and one thing we would always recommend is a survey, but why? What are the differences between the types and when should you do it?

First common mistake is that it is thought when a mortgage valuation take place, this is the same as a survey… it is not. If you require a mortgage to buy a property, the lender will need to have a basic check on the property to make sure they property stacks up to the loan. This is where they confirm they will lend the money. This is not the level of survey you would want on your home.

There are two main types of survey, homebuyers and a building survey. Both are detailed from a qualified surveyor however each property deserves a different level.

A homebuyer’s survey is enough for almost all properties, it will cover everything a building survey will just not is as much granular detail. Building surveys are better for properties of an older age, in clear need of structural work from the start or substantially sized properties. (3000 square foot plus)

When you purchase a property, at that point in your life it is highly likely it is the biggest investment you have ever made, in the hundreds of thousands, the cost of a survey is minimal compared to this, to make sure you aren’t purchasing something with unknown issues which will cost you later down the line.

We will leave you with this….

Would you buy a used car without a MOT and service?

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