Curious minds often inquire about the intriguing origins of our name, "Avocado Property” 🥑🥑🥑

Well, settle in as we take you on a journey back in time to the inception of our brand and the unlikely source of inspiration that led to it.

The Vegas Encounter

Four years ago, we were armed with a concept, a well-crafted plan, and a distinct set of skills.

Michael Robson and I were ready to launch our venture, but there was one crucial element missing—our brand's identity. Chat GPT was not yet in our toolkit at the time, either.

During my honeymoon in Las Vegas, a seemingly innocuous purchase altered the trajectory of our brand. I stumbled upon a pair of shorts in a hotel shop—a vibrant pink pair. At a hefty price tag of $74.00, they were undeniably overpriced. However, fate seemed to favour me that day, as a winning streak at the blackjack table had just fattened my wallet.

The decision was made: those shorts were going home with me.

From Pink Shorts to Avocado Property 

As time passed, those pink shorts became a cherished item in my wardrobe. One day, while donning them proudly, an idea struck me like a lightning bolt. I vocalised my musings aloud, "what about avocado properties?"

In that moment, a seed of inspiration was planted. What started as a whimsical thought evolved into something more profound—Avocado Property. Remarkably, whenever I shared this name with others, smiles inevitably spread across their faces. The name had an inherent charm that resonated.

And then came the clincher: a victory on Rightmove. The name "Avocado Property" emerged triumphant. This affirmation solidified our choice.

 A Name Takes Root 

With the name firmly in place, our branding journey began. The very name that emerged from a pair of pink swimming shorts opened doors to creativity, sparking the conception of a vibrant and engaging brand image.

So there you have it—the unexpected alliance of a pair of shorts, the glitz of Las Vegas, and a stroke of inspiration. Who could have guessed that such a seemingly inconsequential item would shape our identity and narrative? We certainly didn't, but we're elated that it did!

Here's to pink shorts, serendipitous moments, and the birth of Avocado Property.

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