Did you know there was a well-known case in 2016 where the new Duke of Westminster inherited a £9 billion pound empire and paid next to nothing in tax, this was all due to pre-calculated tax planning.

Make sure you have your pen and paper ready as Jamie Sheperd from Soteria Planning offers a number of valuable answers and explainations as to why seeking the correct advise could save you thousands or in some cases billions.

In this Podcast we cover a number of exciting points;

-Good & Bad public case studies
-Importance of having a will
-What happens to your assets if you die without a will
-Should a buy to let be owned personally or in a business name and the benefits to both
-What is an LPA & why their important
-What changes are expected to happen with tax in the near future

Jamie’s key piece of advice is 'Do the right thing and protect your loved ones. Talking from experience, emotions can cause people to make different decisions to what they initially planned out so don’t rely on trust’.

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A massive thank you from Tristan Lee, Mike Robson, Ian Macbeth & our guest speaker Jamie Sheperd for taking a listen to our podcast.

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