Setting up a viewing

Now you have selected the properties you are keen to view, make sure you review the details again to ensure they are definite contenders. In these times we must think of safety for you, myself and the vendor! Gone are the days of casually viewing numerous properties just to be nosey or to just get a feel for them with no intension of ever making an offer. 
It is so easy to set up a viewing, you just call or email the estate agent who is selling the property. If the property is being marketed with multiple agents, I personally choose the estate agent who has made the most effort with marketing or who I know I will be able to contact easily. 
The estate agent will no doubt have some screening questions for you to make sure you are in a “proceedable” position. This means you have all your financial checks in place (Agreement in Principle with a mortgage lender or proof of funds if you are a cash buyer) and have your own property under offer if you need to sell in order to buy etc. 
If you want to view a property with myself or one of the other Avocado partners, you are very lucky as you will be able to get in touch with us anytime that suits you best, we don’t have restrictive office opening hours. 
You should allow 10-25 minutes for a first viewing (depending on size of property) please be mindful that because of Covid restrictions, only two households can be in the property at one time so you cannot bring along anyone to view with you. Sorry Uncle Jimmy, you’ll have to settle for the video instead for now!

If you have children, please make arrangements with your childcare bubble or view separately while one of you waits outside in the car with them (please ask should you have any queries on this) 
The vendor needs to vacate the property for the duration of the viewing. During winter lockdown with everything closed, this is obviously not ideal, in particular with households where there are elderly, vulnerable or very young children who live there. Therefore, it is crucial you are certain the property is a real contender for you, otherwise it is just wasting everyone’s time and potentially putting lives at risk. 
Prior to the viewing, it is best to think of questions you would like to ask the agent while you are there.

On the viewing 

I can’t speak for how other estate agents conduct themselves on viewings, however with Avocado partners there will only be one person dealing with each property throughout the entire process. Therefore, we get to know our vendors and the properties like no one else can. It also means there are less people coming in and out of seller’s homes. 
I personally take safety very seriously so will do everything I can to protect myself, my vendors and any viewers.
I may call you on the day of the appointment to re confirm as I do not want anyone inconvenienced unnecessarily. If you think you might be late or unable to attend, please call me as soon as you can. 
When we meet at the property I will greet you outside (sorry no handshakes during these times.. maybe a Britishly awkward head nod or wave) I will be wearing my mask and will expect viewers to as well unless exempt, if this is the case please do let me know in advance. Shoes must be removed, if it is raining or you are bare foot I can provide foot covers. I will also ask you to anti-bac your hands before entering in case of accidental surface touching. I will wear gloves and politely ask that you do not intentionally touch anything whilst inside. I will open any cupboard doors etc you want to see. 
Immediately after the viewing I will ask for your initial feedback as vendors are always keen to know this as soon as possible. You will also receive a follow up call from me to see if you have any queries and to ask if the property is of interest to you.

We can also arrange a virtual viewing for you, contact me if this is something you would like to try!

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