As the leaves fall and the breeze gets cooler, it's the perfect moment to turn your living space into a snug haven that's kind to your wallet and the environment. Here's some wholesome advice to get the best of both warmth and efficiency this season.

  1. Boiler TLC:

Before the mercury descends, pencil in a thorough boiler examination. A happy boiler isn’t just eco-friendly but also promotes safety. Need a reliable engineer? We're here to help you pick the best!

  1. Intelligent Thermostats:

Elevate your heating game with smart thermostats. Manage your warmth from anywhere with a quick tap on your phone, tailoring schedules, watching over your energy, and fine-tuning to reach that optimum snug spot while saving green.

  1. Selective Heating:

Heat it where you feel it. By directing warmth to just the active spaces, you’re nurturing both the environment and your bank balance.

  1. Insulation & Window Love:

Tap into the magic of top-notch insulation and mindful window choices. Insulation enhancements can be a game-changer against the cold. Pair that with double-paned windows and snug curtains, and you've got yourself an eco-friendly fortress.

  1. Green Habits:

Cultivate a sustainable household rhythm. Aim for a thermostat sweet spot, cosy up in extra layers indoors, and harness the golden sunlight. Every small act can contribute to tangible savings.

  1. Guard Against The Chills:

Draft-proof your entrances and viewports. Little gaps can usher in big chills, pushing your heating to overdrive. Simple draft blockers can be both green and wallet-friendly.

  1. Eco-Comfy Throws:

Sprinkle some charm with sustainable throws on your loungers. They’re not just for cuddling – they add a layer of warmth

and dial up the autumn aesthetic in your space.

In the heart of it all, a warm home that loves the planet (and your budget) is the Avocado Property way. Here’s to a sustainable, snug, and savvy autumn for every dweller.

Your Basingstoke Avocado Partner,

Sean Egan