Ever been sat across from an estate agent who won't stop using estate agency jargon? Or you're reading a property advert and keep seeing the words 'great potential' but not sure what they mean by it?

Say no more.

In this video, Ricky and Ian take a deeper look at what the following words mean:

  • Lots of Potential: Essentially, it means a property needs a lot of work, potentially costing you money.
  • Close to Commuter Links: While it sounds good, it could mean you're close to noisy motorways or train lines.
  • Low Maintenance Garden: Typically implies a garden paved with concrete.
  • OIEO (Offers in Excess Of): Often used to lower expectations, but rarely results in offers above the listed price.
  • Cash from Sale: Doesn't mean cash in hand; it refers to buyers who needs to sell their own property first.
  • Space for Fridge and Gas Cooker Point: Indicates there's room for appliances, but they aren't included.
  • Wood Effect: Simply put, it's not real wood; it's plastic.
  • Viewings Recommended: Often used when there's little interest to appease sellers.
  • Realistically Priced: Likely means the agent initially mispriced the property.
  • Tenant in Situ: Indicates a property is already rented, which could be a bonus for investors but tricky for buyers.
  • Part Furnished: Usually means the landlord is leaving behind unwanted items, not necessarily beneficial for the next tenant.

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