Mr & Mrs H made the decision to sell their property due to an impending move out of the area. The process of their property's sale was managed by agents Dan and Neil. The turning point came when Mr & Mrs H viewed a property they fell in love with, prompting a swift and strategic approach to place them in an advantageous position for their purchase.


With the intent clear and the desire high, the main objective was to sell the property efficiently and effectively, ensuring both satisfaction for Mr & Mrs H and delight for the buyers.

Selling Strategy

  • Proactive Modern Marketing: A contemporary marketing approach was employed to maximize visibility and interest.
  • Handling Enquiries: Dan and Neil efficiently worked through a multitude of enquiries, ensuring genuine buyer interests were pursued.
  • Bank Holiday Viewing: Leveraging a bank holiday, a full viewing day was organized to accommodate potential buyers.
  • Remarkable Results: The property's appeal and the agents' efforts resulted in ten offers, all of which exceeded the asking price.
  • Sealed Deal: The sale was agreed upon at a value surpassing Mr & Mrs H’s expectation.
  • End-to-End Management: Ensuring a smooth transaction, the business owner took charge of all proceedings, leading to satisfied sellers and elated buyers.

Key Stats

  • Listing Date: 29th March
  • Open House: 16 viewings were booked, drawing significant interest.
  • Offers: Within the initial two weeks, 10 compelling offers were placed.
  • Exceptional Offer: The sellers were thrilled to accept an offer that was a staggering £100,000 above the asking price.
  • Completion Date: 2nd August


The sale journey orchestrated by ourselves, for Mr & Mrs H's property, stands as a grade A example of efficient agency practices. The combination of the sellers' motivation, the property's inherent appeal, and the agents' expertise culminated in a sale that exceeded expectations on all fronts. This transaction not only facilitated Mr & Mrs H's next chapter but also brought immense joy to the new homeowners.

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Dan & Neil