Everyone hates the 'T' word. But if you're thinking of becoming a landlord we strongly advise you do your research on how you'll pay tax (sole, joint, or through a company) as each one has it's pros and cons.

In this video, Mike, draws from his expertise as both a letting agent and landlord, to offer valuable insights into landlord taxation:

Ownership Structure: consider the ownership structure. Whether buying individually or jointly, each option has its tax implications. For instance, joint ownership allows for income splitting, potentially reducing tax liabilities.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns: Landlords are required to file self-assessment tax returns.

Deductible Expenses: Various expenses incurred in managing rental properties are tax-deductible. These include mortgage interest, management fees, insurance, maintenance costs, and more.

Consulting an Accountant: important to consult an accountant for personalised advice. Accountants can offer tailored guidance on tax planning, deductions, and compliance with tax laws.

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