If you're using an estate agent to rent out your property, it's always worth checking to see what services they provide. Here at Avocado Property, we provide two tiers of service,

Fully Managed Service:

a more hands-off approach to property management. With this service, a dedicated property management team takes care of every aspect of renting your property. Some key benefits of a fully managed service include:

  • Marketing and Tenant Screening: The management service handles property advertising, viewings, and tenant screening to ensure reliable and suitable tenants.
  • Rent Collection: Rent collection is managed efficiently, ensuring you receive your rental income on time without the hassle of chasing tenants for payments.
  • Property Maintenance: The management company takes care of property maintenance and repairs, saving you time and effort.
  • Tenant Management: From handling tenant inquiries to addressing issues during the tenancy, acts as the main point of contact for tenants.

Rent Collection Service:

If you prefer more involvement in property management but still need assistance with rent collection, a rent collection service may suit you better. With this service, the management company handles rent collection and financial reporting, while you take care of property maintenance and tenant relations.

When choosing the right management service, consider your desired level of involvement, experience as a landlord, and the specific needs of your property.

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