All good things must come to an end and you might decide that it's time to sell your buy to let property. In this short video, Mike explains the process to take when disposing of your buy to let property.

In this video Mike covers the importance of the following:

  • Tax Planning: Consult your accountant early to minimise tax liabilities. Spread property sales across different tax years to optimise allowances and returns.
  • Selling with Tenants : Consider the implications of selling with tenants. While convenient, it may limit your market and affect sale price. Evaluate if selling with vacant possession attracts more buyers and potentially higher offers.
  • Strategic Advertising: Decide when to advertise – with tenants or after they've moved out. Consider property condition, access for viewings, and first impressions. Present the property well to appeal to buyers.
  • Enhance Saleability: Plan post-tenant occupancy upgrades to boost appeal. Allocate budget for cleaning, painting, and furnishing. Minor upgrades can significantly increase perceived value.
  • Make Informed Decisions: The choice is yours. Don't feel pressured by estate agents. Consider your goals when deciding how to market and sell your property.

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