It sounds obvious BUT sometimes we don't even see our own clutter.

Even after years in the industry, I sometimes miss things when taking photographs that I don't notice until I check the pictures before moving on to the next room.

Before putting your home on the market, try taking some photos of each room in your house and you will see how much your everyday items really do stand out when photographed.

Here are my top tips for preparing each room for marketing photographs and our promo video and of course, for each block of viewings:

Entrance hallway

Clean and clutter free, with a doormat. If you have excess coats and shoes making the space feel hemmed in, think of moving them to a cupboard and leaving just one or two items per householder.

First impressions really do count so having a plug in diffuser or decorative reed diffuser always goes down well with viewers.


Put as much as possible away in cupboards.. even including bulky items like the kettle and toaster if you can. If shoving things away in the cupboard isn't an option, would putting up some inexpensive shelving help clear the worktops to show off the space? Or perhaps a butchers trolley could work?

Think of using trays to display items left out so it appears intentional and neater.

Ensure all bulbs and downlights are working so there aren't any dark shadows on the worktops.

Lastly, a well placed fruit bowl and fresh flowers makes your promo video POP and makes the space feel homely. This is also why my lucky clients receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers upon instruction as my way of saying thank you.

Living room/ dining room

Clean and clutter free. Try adding in some pot plants and cushions, it really makes a difference.
If you don't have a designated "play room" for your children, consider moving some/ most of their toys to their bedrooms for viewings so that you show off the living space to the fullest. There are so many storage options for kids toys so consider investing in some new furniture (that you can move with you) if it neatens up the space.


As a minimum each bedroom should be clean, tidy and functional.
Colours like green and dark blue inspire calmness if you need to re decorate and don’t want to go down the magnolia route, having a feature wall or painted headboard can have a dramatic impact on how a room is perceived. However, even an inexpensive throw placed over the bed can tie a room together so nicely.
Any fitted wardrobes or cupboards should ideally be as tidy as possible so the space inside can easily be seen on viewings.
It is worth spending the time having a clear out in advance, there are professional de-clutters who can help if your time is limited.


Zero clutter is best so make sure bottles and sponges etc are put away. Also take a look at the grouting and ceilings, do they need a refresh?
Condensation/ mould spots are common above showers and near to the windows so best to treat and re-paint prior to marketing to give the best impression of a well looked after home. “Damp” is hugely off putting for buyers so any sign of it will be a deal breaker for some.
Also, consider hiring a professional cleaner to remove pesky limescale and water marks.

Garden / driveway

Whether a house has kerb appeal or not, the front should be as well kept as possible. Ensure guttering is fixed properly, weeds are removed and lawns neat and tidy.
An inexpensive way of brightening up the space is to have hanging baskets or pot plants which of course can then be moved with you.
If you want to ask me any questions about staging your home prior to marketing and for viewings, please do not hesitate to ask.

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