Looking to buy a property in Slough and add your stamp on it with an extension or modification? Here’s a quick guide to getting planning permission and the process. 

So, what exactly is planning permission? 

Planning permission is a process to ensure homeowners and land owners aren’t just erecting buildings or modifying existing buildings as they see fit. The purpose of planning permission is to control and regulate inappropriate buildings or developments. 

How long does the process take? 

The process can take up to and beyond 12 weeks however usually the process should be around 8-12 weeks, this time frame includes public consultations so that neighbours and any interested parties can review the plans. If any objections come from the public consultations, then the decision will be put to a vote at a local planning committee. 

What if my application is rejected? 

Around 75% of applications are granted in England. However, for the 25% that are rejected there’s still other options. You can re-apply after tweaking the plans to accommodate the reason for the original refusal, around 40% of the refused household applications are granted after an appeal/tweak. 

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