When viewing a property, it's important that you've done your research before turning up to the appointment.

We always recommend having a list of questions at the ready to ask the agent showing you around. In this short video, Stuart shares more information on the following 10 questions to ask when on a viewing.

  1. What is the owner's situation? why are they looking to move, how quickly they're looking to move, and have they seen anything they like the look of
  2. What improvements the owners have made to the property since they've owned? From when the boiler was replaced to any renovations in kitchens and bathrooms
  3. if applicable why did previous buyer decide to pull out of the property? If it was down to a bad survey have these issues been fixed
  4. How quickly could a second viewing take place?
  5. How many other people are interested in viewing the property for the next seven days?
  6. What are the neighbours like? once you've moved in you can't change them
  7. what are the local school ratings and catchments? something that you might need to know now or in the future
  8. Is the property a Freehold? If so what further developments could you do to this property
  9. If property is leasehold, What is the service charge at the moment?
  10. If the property is leasehold, How much is ground rent per year?

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