Get ready for an eye-opening journey as Ollie spills the beans on why estate agents can't spin you a yarn about offers, while also giving you the inside scoop on some clever tactics they might employ when you're the one putting in an offer.

In this compact video, Ollie breaks it all down, revealing the dos and don'ts of the estate agent world. Curious about the game-changing insights he's got up his sleeve? Then this video is a must-watch!

In this video Ollie discusses the following:

  • Regulations in Place: Estate agents are legally bound by the Undesirable Practices Order of 1991, preventing them from lying about offers to buyers or sellers.
  • Navigating Multiple Offers: During popular property viewings, agents transparently request all parties to submit their best and final offers by a deadline.
  • Buyer Tips: Secure your dream home by putting forward your best offer, prioritising the property's value over minor price negotiations. Provide a clear explanation for any below-asking-price offers to avoid manipulation.

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