With the world constantly evolving and changing I found myself stuck in an industry that uses outdated practises and old-fashioned approaches.

In the modern day we can order a parcel from Amazon and receive it the next day or even the same day, long gone are the standard 3-5 working days that we used to accept as normal. We simply click order and pay and that same day the parcel will arrive. But would we still accept 3-5 days if Amazon never introduced same day delivery?

In a world where cars have evolved from “dirty” diesel engines to hybrid engines and then evolved further to full electric, the car industry is simply keeping up with modern demands and expectations. A few years ago, the idea of a car powered by anything other than diesel or petrol wasn’t achievable and just a crazy idea. Now we have full electric cars and aren’t happy with the range they produce, fast forward a few more years and who knows what cars will be achieving.

Even the gaming industry has changed with the modern world, long gone are the classics like space invaders or playing on an Atari, now we can play online with anyone in the world at any time we please. We now accept this as normal and get frustrated with bad internet connection or in game updates. But what if nothing changed and all we had was an Atari and space invaders, would we take that as acceptable?

But then we look at Estate Agents and the industry as a whole, we all hear of horror stories from some high street agents and yet we accept that as “standard” within Estate Agency. We’ve all received marketing leaflets that get glanced at and then chucked in the recycling. Its widely accepted that simply putting a property on a search portal and sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring is enough, well it's not anymore.

Just like Amazon, Tesla, Honda, Microsoft and PlayStation have done before, Avocado Property are on a mission to change our industry. We use modern targeted marketing on social media and make bespoke videos for every property, our way is the modern way and pushes the boundaries of “normal practise” to deliver a service that every client would be happy with.

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