When it comes to valuing your property, it's essential to go beyond just discussing the asking price and fees. After all, selling your home is a significant undertaking and often a source of stress. Here are some crucial questions to ask during a valuation to ensure you're making the right decision and avoiding potential pitfalls:

1.    What makes you sure the property will achieve X amount?

Ensure the agent can back up their valuation with up-to-date data and explanations, steering clear of inflated figures that could lead to future complications.

2.    How many people will deal with the sale of the property and how experienced are they?

Understanding the team's composition and expertise levels can provide insight into the quality of service you can expect throughout the sales journey.

I would advise asking exactly who will be involved and if you can meet them all before deciding to proceed. It might sound extreme but think about how you would feel if you really like the person who comes to value your house so you go with them only to never see or hear from that person again?

3.    What do you actually do to earn your fee?

Instead of solely inquiring about the fee, seek a detailed explanation of the services included, prioritising quality over cost.

4.    How long is the sole agency contract for?

Clarify the length of the contract to avoid being tied down unnecessarily, many people are not even made aware they will be locked into a contract lasting weeks or months so please make sure you ask this question. If they feel the need to lock you into a lengthy contract, I would be questioning their confidence in their ability to sell the house for you. 

5.    Does the house need any works prior to marketing?

It is always good to have sound advice on the staging of your home and/ or any little bits you can do to increase the appeal. This will increase its potentially increasing its market value and attractiveness to potential buyers.

6.    When are you contactable and can I have your mobile number?

In this day an age, we believe estate agents should be contactable outside office hours. This is why we use group messaging on WhatsApp with clients so everyone is kept in the loop and their queries can be answered promptly whether it is 10pm at night or first thing in the morning. 
Often matters are resolved in the evening so having to wait for an estate agents’ office to be open just leads to frustrations and can cause delays with the process.

7.    How is their marketing any different to all the other agents?

Inquire about innovative marketing approaches, such as professional videos, targeted social media campaigns, and personalised seller contributions, to maximise exposure and engagement. such as;

Do they create a professional promo video?
Do they use targeted social media ad campaigns? 
Do they utilise the “online viewings” tab option on Rightmove? 
Do they post a live #beattheportals video to generate interest before the house even goes on the market? 
Do they share monthly market updates for buyers and sellers?
Do they let sellers have their say by writing their own personal piece included within the description online? 
Do they have a network of Partners all striving to promote each other’s listings and share connections?

Our answer to each of the above is yes!

8.    What Support or Resources Do You Provide to Ensure a Smooth Sales Process?

Inquire about the agent's assistance beyond the initial valuation, such as guidance on legal matters, paperwork management, or recommendations for reliable service providers like photographers or conveyancers.

9.    Timeline for Listing Preparation?

Understand the timeframe for getting your property on the market, considering potential delays associated with outsourcing tasks or coordinating with third-party services.

10.    Why do they do the job?

This is a big one. It should be more than just about putting food on the table or being able to afford a flash car.

Ask what there “why” is and you should be able to FEEL the passion they have for what they do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, please get in touch if you have any queries.

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