What is a surveyor likely to find? No two properties are the same so there’s all sorts of different things that could appear on a surveyor’s report but here’s a few common ones that arise more than others.


The mention of asbestos sends fear down buyer’s spines, however if any is uncovered then there’s still hope.

Asbestos can often be contained safely by a specialist, however if containment isn’t an option then the asbestos will need to be removed and disposed of by a specialist

Boundary Bother

Property surveys cover more than just the physical building, the surveyor will walk the grounds and inspect the condition of the boundary walls and fences.

It’s not uncommon for issues to arise from this inspection, especially is the boundary of the property runs next to public land or property as the properties security could easily be compromised with boundary issues.

However, small things like a broken fence will probably be overlooked by a surveyor as the value of the physical property won’t decrease because of this.


Cracks are incredibly common and yet they remain one the of the number one things people worry about, probably because they’re on of the easiest issues to spot.

Crack on its own is not necessarily a big issue however it’s important to know what’s caused the crack and to ascertain if there’s potentially something terrible happening to the property.


Damp is another very common issue flagged up by a surveyor. It can affect the structure of a building and be affect your personal health, so knowing it’s there is very important and how affected the property is, is also very important.

Damp issue can be sorted without too much hassle. It all depends on how bad the problem is.

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