Wokingham Case Study: Folly Avenue

The owners of the Cavendish Park home had always been enamoured by the intimate charm of the development. With its limited number of houses and expansive greenery, it stood out uniquely in Wokingham. The home, having been a cocoon of warmth and memories since 2016, had served them well, witnessing countless moments of love, laughter, and growth.

The interiors of the home spoke volumes about the owners. From a spacious living room that opened up to a meticulously maintained garden to the seamless transformation of a section into a functional home office, every nook and cranny had a story to tell. The weekends echoed with the sounds of family gatherings and BBQs, while the raised garden beds flourished under their attentive care.

The serenity of the neighbourhood, combined with its proximity to essential services and recreational activities, was the icing on the cake. The sense of community was tangible, making it all the more difficult for the owners to part ways with their beloved home.

Life has its way of ushering in change. The expanding family needed a larger abode, and though leaving behind a treasure trove of memories was daunting, they were hopeful of finding another gem. And so, with hearts full of hope, they approached us for a property valuation.

The Sale Journey

11th May: The property was introduced to potential buyers.

Immediate Interest: A staggering 14 viewings were booked in just two days.

Offers Pouring In: Within the first week, three compelling offers were made.

Optimal Outcome: The sellers were elated to accept an offer exceeding their asking price.

Completion: By the 21st of August, the deal was sealed.

Our Strategy

Visual Appeal: We employed professional photographers and videographers to capture the essence of the home.

Reaching the Right Audience: Targeted social media campaigns ensured the property reached its potential buyers.

Open Communication: A transparent dialogue was maintained with the sellers, ensuring they were always in the loop.

Navigating the Sale: We took the helm of the sales progression, ensuring a smooth transition.

Though the journey had its fair share of challenges, largely attributed to solicitor delays, the final outcome was immensely gratifying. Handing over the keys to the new owners was a bittersweet moment, but the belief that this beautiful home would continue to be a haven of happiness was comforting. The smiles on the faces of both the sellers and the buyer made every hurdle worth it.

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