High Wycombe Case Study: Todd Close

Todd Close, Holmer Green.

This was the family home but sadly both the owners passed away, leaving their two grown up sons to sell. They initially marketed the home with an ‘international’ branded estate agent from their Great Missenden office.  Firstly they were charged an upfront cost of £300 for ‘professional’ photos & the house was listed in February ’22.

Overpriced by some £100k, it did not sell and over the course of the next 5 months there were many price reductions, one after the other. As the seasons changed the photos remained wintery and I really believe the house become old news - old stock to the estate agent.

They didn’t care. That’s the point I wanted to get to. Caring about the client, caring about the marketing, caring about your profession.

I took over the marketing in the summer and I can remember filming and photographing the house, it was hot! The brothers selling the house lived in London and so it was a mess inside. I cared about the house and so I tidied up, yes I cleared the two rooms that were full to bursting. It was hot and hard work but I know one of the best ways to sell is in the presentation. Thousands of eye balls are looking at property photos on a daily basis, so make it look great. Something the ‘professional’ photographer wasn’t keen on doing.

House looked great, video & photos were on point. This four bedroom detached Holmer Green family home went live with me in July & sold later on that month.

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All the best,

Michael Childs