Bracknell Case Study of Success #012

A quote from the vendor after confirming exchange:

“Wooohoo brilliant news, I literally could cry happy tears thank you, we’re so relieved and can now focus on finding our new home.

A huge thank you once again for all your help & support throughout the process”

What should have been a simple transaction turned out to be slightly longer than planned for everyone in this case.  A buyer was found within just a few days of marketing.

The chain was closed and everyone was working towards a completion date...


As sometimes happens, the buyers had a change of heart and in this case it also meant that the vendors lost out on the property they wanted.  Devastating news and delivering this information to a client is always for me the hardest part of the job.  Tears followed, the job of the agent in this situation is to try and reassure, keep confidence and be empathetic.

Too many agents I have witnessed over the years put these calls off or rush into them with a heartless approach in a search of their next sale.  Empathy is vital.

After a few weeks of remarking the old buyers came back and expressed interest again.  This is the part that using an Estate Agent with experience is really important.  Questions you personally might have as the reader of this blog (and so did the vendor) might be: Will they fully commit this time? Will it be a risk to agree a sale and remove the property from the market? Interestingly at this point there was also another party that was interested and he wanted to purchase the property too. Decisions decisions…

In the end the sale was agreed to the old buyer and legals kicked off where they had been left prior.  The property in Bracknell was back under offer and solicitors all had instructions from the homeowner to push the sale through quickly.

Issues kicked in when a 3rd party solicitor acting on behalf of the finance company for the buyer become almost non-responsive. Everyone was frustrated and it was down to us as the estate agent to mediate and pass information throughout solicitors, clients and other estate agents.  Effectively becoming the glue in the middle. We exchanged WhatApps some nights as late 9pm trying to keep everyone informed.  As with all Avocado Property Partners; it’s our own business and we don’t mind working outside of ‘office hours’ because it means that much more to us.

Finally the hard work paid off and the exchange was ready.  Completion was agreed and the sale went through!

Sometimes and estate agents job is easy to be honest. But sometimes it is not. Peoples emotions, life plans and families are all involved.  This is why it’s vital for the industry to change from ‘transaction focussed’ to ‘people focussed’.

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