Bracknell Case Study of Success #010

We are really proud of this case study for a few different reasons.

Firstly the vendor had lost all faith in estate agency, after a difficult matrimonial split and was really getting down about the whole process. She said “I thought it would never happen, the solicitor part was very tricky and you helped me along the way explaining what everything meant.  I would recommend you to all my family and friends.  Thank you”

The other reason we found this case study so important to our business is that the property was online with all the main four Bracknell estate agents before we had even launched our business.  This gave us the perfect opportunity to show how our business model was different, how our marketing reach is stronger than other estate agents and the quality of experience on the viewing appointment is vital.

Just two weeks after marketing the property we had over 6,000 views of our video, 0 viewings from Rightmove or Zoopla and 3 appointments directly from our unique Facebook marketing.  How is this possible when the property had been marketed for 7 months with other estate agents??? Our social media video marketing is highly advanced and highly targeted.  Using our video marketing we can reach people not daily searching on the property portals.  In summary it’s the difference between lazy marketing and proactive marketing we feel.

This buyer has now made some changes, found a tenant for the property and the vendor has relocated.  Everyone is happy and shows the power of our innovative bespoke estate agency.

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