The risk of making contact with an estate agent in our country is a nervy one… We get that!

We understand the apprehension that comes with reaching out to an estate agent. That's why we've prepared this concise guide to help you determine the most suitable valuation type for your needs. We'll also delve into the accuracy ratings associated with each valuation method.

Number 1) ‘The Quicky’
Accuracy Rating = 80-90%

The online valuation is a very simple calculator that estate agents pay for. The pricing comes from a collection of land registry data, portal data and UK house price growth.

Where these pricing reports can go wrong is if you have upgraded your home since purchase. The calculator can’t account for changes so this could disappoint… But if you haven’t changed much and you live on an estate, this is the perfect quick and easy way to get a property valuation. Think of it as the ‘we buy any car quote’ for the property industry.

If you think this will work for you, here is a link to the calculator we use:
Avocado Property Online Valuation

Number 2) ‘Desktop Valuation’
Accuracy Rating = 90-95%

Think of this method as a desktop valuation. The great thing about this option is we as the agent will be able to see videos and photos that you upload. You can also add changes/upgrades in the comments.

The big difference is that we will review the pricing ourselves, no calculator required and no visit face to face. Handy for families that want to push the kids toys to one side for a quick pic, rather than have an estate agent over in the middle of dinner time…

We are one of the only local estate agents that have specific software for this type of valuation. Here is a link you can use or send to a friend:
Avocado Desktop Valuation

Number 3) Traditional high street estate agents valuation
Accuracy Rating = 92-96%

Skinny suits, pushy sales, and lots of pie charts.
Don’t worry about booking one of these and move on to number 4.

Number 4) The Avocado Partner Valuation
Accuracy Rating = 99-100%

No sales pitch, just advice and honesty. This is the face to face valuation that anyone should really book when you make the choice to start the moving process.

Avocado partners live and breathe in the local communities they operate within. Knowing the best coffee shops, places to walk and hidden gems in the area can make all the difference.

On the appointment we really get into detail as to why you are looking to move, from this we can talk about a marketing strategy that works around your specific goal.

Price, type of buyer, timescales and appointment timings are all key to communicate at this point.

You can book an Avocado Partner Agent in via this link below:
Avocado Partner Valuation

We hope you found this guide insightful. For any further inquiries or property-related questions, feel free to reach out via our contact form. We're here to assist you every step of the way.