Spring is here – but what is happening in the property market

Lauren and Ryan’s Property Market Update for April

Property and Listings Boom

April saw a surge in average house prices, reaching £374,000. Additionally, there was an increase in new property listings on Rightmove, with 155 fresh listings, marking an incredible 40% increase from February.

Sales Buzz and Adjustments

Sales activity gained momentum, with 118 new sales agreed, a significant increase from 89 in February. Despite the rise in sales, there was a slight decrease in price reductions, indicating shifting market dynamics.

Clarifying Misleading Headlines

Recent headlines suggests a significant decline in house prices since 2009. However, upon closer examination, the decline was more modest at 1.1% in March, contrasting with the 3.1% reported for the Southeast region.

Demand Insights

Demand remains strong, especially for three and four-bedroom semi-detached houses priced between £350,000 and £450,000. If you're considering selling within this sought-after range, our team is ready to provide expert guidance tailored to your needs.

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