The truth of being a Landlord in this weeks overview with @TheLandlordPage where Tristan, Mike & Ian catch up and discuss the key take-aways from our first 5 episodes along with a brief market update;

- Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent, Repeat (BRRRR) with Akhil Mair

- Personal vs Limited Company with Daren Parsons

- Build a Portfolio to suit your goals with Mike Robson

- Property Legislation with ARLA Propertymark with Megan Eighteen

- Being a Landlord through the eyes of a Property Lawyer with Liam Connolly

The response has been incredible with hundreds of downloads in our first few weeks so a massive thank you to everyone supporting & listening. We promise to continue our weekly Podcast which is clearly benefiting the listeners and as always, please DM or email us if there are any specific topics or guests you would like to hear from as the Podcast was created for the ears of the Public to create free valuable information with no selling.