Wow, what an epic day! Picture this: I, the super lucky sponsor, got to lead the charge at the East and North Hertfordshire Hospitals' charity annual Rainbow Run. Oh, yes! I rocked it with my pink power and even brought the iconic Avocado Stevenage car along for the ride!

We were a sea of colors as over 400 enthusiastic folks joined the fun at the Ridlins Athletics Stadium in Stevenage on the 25th of June. We were on a mission to raise some serious moolah for those incredible hospitals – Hertford County Hospital, Lister Hospital, Mount Vernon Cancer Centre, and New QEII Hospital – talk about saving lives in style!

The best part? Drumroll, please... we managed to rake in a whopping £32,000 for the charity! High fives all around for making it rain with rainbow colors and donations!

Kudos to the masterminds behind this fantastic event – the organizers who made it happen and all the other generous sponsors who made the magic come alive! And let's not forget the real heroes, the runners who dashed their way to victory. You guys rock!

I have to admit, I feel like a superstar being part of such an amazing experience. I'm beaming with pride, folks!

I'm already psyched for the next year! Can't wait to sprinkle more colors and laughter while supporting a fantastic cause.

To everyone who made this day incredible – THANK YOU! You made this day one for the books. Now, let's get ready to unleash even more awesomeness at the next Rainbow Run!