Stamp duty tax is very much the housing market topic of conversation as we all know. If you mention the words ‘stamp duty’ to a solicitor the chances are they feel the urge to put the phone down… The SDT holiday has created a storm of sales AND a pipeline of slow movers too.

This is a great graphic made via Zoopla to give you an idea how the next few months might unfold. The key thing to note is that this is data based on averages and we are currently in circumstances far far far from average…. With this in mind I would suggest knocking at least 15-20% off each of these columns. It does however give you an honest idea of expectations.

There will be stress, there will be tears, but we are committed to working all the hours needed to make sure our clients hit the deadline! We have solicitors committed to working the pre-sale legal work for free and we have trusted mortgage advisers that are as committed as us to all that’s needed.

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