Are there different property surveys?

The answer is yes. There are three main types of property surveys available to you: Condition Report (Level One Survey), HomeBuyer’s Report (Level Two Survey), and a full Building Survey (Level Three Survey).

For a HomeBuyer’s Report, you can expect the surveyor to be there for anywhere between one to four hours, depending on what type of home they are surveying and, of course, the size and condition.

Building Surveys (or Full Structural Surveys, as they are otherwise known), are far more in depth, and the time required to carry them out reflects that. Most will take somewhere in the region of three to eight hours to complete.

Homebuyer’s Reports can be returned within five working days, whereas Full Structural Surveys will take a little longer to compile, usually somewhere in the region of eight working days.

If the surveyor deems everything to be sound and in good order, you’re free to go ahead with the purchase if you still wish to do so.

However, on the other hand, problems have been highlighted, you have other options available to you. The most common course of action in such situations is one of the following:

You can back out of the deal entirely;

Discuss any issues with your agent and/or solicitor to see if they can be cleared up;

You can ask the vendor to fix the issues in the report;

Or, you can renegotiate the sale price so you can address the issue/s yourself when you move in.

For any other advice regarding surveys, please do not hesitate to get in touch.