Moving with children can be a stressful, expensive and sometimes even traumatising experience... but don't worry we get that and even have a couple tips on how to tackle this.

In this short clip, Stephen shares his tips for moving home with children and how to help make this new adjustment not only easier for them but also for yourself.

Here's a breakdown of Stephen's advice for moving with kids:

  • Involve them in discussions: Talk to your children about the move and let them share their thoughts and feelings.
  • Visit the new home together: Take your children to see their new home to get them excited about the move.
  • Spend quality time before the move: As the moving day approaches, spend extra time with your children to ease any stress or anxiety they may have.
  • Explore the new area with them: Familiarise your children with the new neighbourhood, schools, parks, and other amenities.
  • Arrange childcare on moving day: Consider moving on a school day or having someone look after your children on moving day to reduce stress for everyone.
  • Pack and unpack their rooms first: Prioritise packing your children's belongings last and unpacking them first to help them feel settled in the new home quicker.
  • Stick to routines and be patient with adjustment: Maintain familiar routines and give your children time to adjust to their new surroundings.

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