The Slough November Property Market Update

We start with average house prices, for the first time ever the UK average house price has reached £250,000 but what does this by you in Slough. At the point of writing this update, there were 663 properties for sale in Slough, of which just 270 were UK average of £250,000 or less and of that 270 just 9 were freehold properties, crazy numbers!

With house prices soaring to record numbers the question is, “Will this trend continue into 2022?” No one has a crystal ball to predict this but there are good signs that this trend will continue. Mortgage lenders are reporting there’s a 10% increase in applications this month compared to this same month last year BUT with the well documented low-interest rates expected to increase, in turn pushing mortgage payments up, it remains to be seen what impact this will have with buyer enthusiasm and confidence.

What we do know is in Slough there still remains a huge in-balance between new properties coming to the market and demand, with most freehold properties selling within the first few weeks it’s clear that there certainly isn’t enough new property in Slough to match the demand of buyers.

So, with Christmas around the corner, the big question is to move now or wait? Well as we’ve discussed there’s certainly demand now for new property in Slough and as mentioned it's unclear what the property market in Slough will be looking like next year. What we do know is there are not enough properties now for buyers so if you are thinking of selling there’s no time like the present

If you want to be part of our mission to change the property industry and are thinking of moving, then we would love you to book your property valuation with us here.

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