If you're in the process of upgrading or downsizing your current home, you might be wondering whether you should sell your property before buying your next one. It's a question that many homeowners grapple with, and there's no one-size-fits-all answer. But here's my advice...

The fact of the matter is, there's no "right way round."

However, in my professional opinion if you list first and find a buyer, you’ll then know what you're working with, including your deposit, your loan and equity of your property that you sell.

What you don't want is, to find your dream home and then not manage to sell your own property.

You don't want to rush to bring your property to the market, with hundreds of other similar properties coming to the portals all the time, you want to make sure that the marketing is right, the first few weeks of marketing are absolutely pivotal, so you need to have a blue sky front shot, property video and a floorplan (I know that sounds basic.)

If you complete on your sale and go in to rented, you could then negotiate on your next onwards purchase harder due to being a chain free buyer.

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Ricky Veale

Stevenage Avocado Partner