I have been in the property industry since 1989 helping establish an Estate Agency company that very quickly became the market leader throughout Surrey, Hampshire, and Berkshire.

My transition into the New Homes sector started with that agency, helping set up and drive another market leading arm of that company.

I then left as the bright lights of London were shining and I wanted to expand my experience by working directly with property developers. My time in London and the home counties saw me oversee some of the most exciting schemes within the Capital and aid a developer increase their standings within the industry from a 2* builder to a 5* builder. (within 2 years)

So why change? What was my “eureka” moment? 

For me the most important part of any home purchase is the customer journey, not from when they drive past your development and pop in, but when they first pick up their tablet, phone or lap top having made the choice to look for a new or first home. I passionately believe that the correct marketing approach geared towards the customer is paramount to securing a buyer.

At Meade New Homes, I do not believe the wheel needs reinventing, but the hub of that wheel needs expanding. Our digital approach, along with the mainstream marketing, allows for this and allows the buyer to have a more engaging experience.

The more informed visually a buyer is, the more chance you will have of them attending your site, not just as a prospect, but somebody who is informed and understands the development, the location and what amenities it has.

As somebody who has worked for both Estate Agents and Developers and who has purchased a new build property, I understand the needs of the buyer, the build process and how difficult we have made it to actually show what the buyers are buying.

Imagine if we can take your development into the buyers’ homes or office, allowing them to see the site, the properties, the amenities and local area.  Well imagine no more, as that is what we will do for you.

From a buyers perspective they can discuss and communicate with me, a person who knows a building site, knows the build stages and understands the process and complexities of buying a New home.  I will remove the stigma of buying a new home by reaching out to those who may not have considered a new home as their preferred option.

The approach for my business is to market, as opposed to selling and to work with buyers, as me Andy Meade, an individual who gets it. Therefore, if you need somebody to expand your exposure drop me a line and I will be happy to discuss how I can help.