In this competitive seller’s market, when you view a house you think could be “the one” it is often the case that you may not have long to browse before the next viewer arrives or there may even be offers already on the table.

So how can you use the time wisely to ensure you get the most from your viewings?

Follow these simple steps to become a pro viewer:

1. Do your research ahead of booking your viewing.

Study floorplans, location information and transport links nearby. All avocado listings include a professional promo video with local area guides and a "key facts for buyers" report which give vital information such as the broadband speed, flood risk and neighbours planning applications.

All incredibly useful stuff when considering parting with thousands of your hard-earned cash!

2. Do a drive by prior to your appointment

This will ensure there are no surprises on the day. For instance, if a nearby pylon is a deal breaker for you, it may be best to cancel rather than waste everyone’s time (the property details or the agent ideally will make you aware of these types of things prior to booking)

3. Write down a list of questions in advance to ask on your viewing

Some good examples are; the seller’s position and expected timeframe to complete by, if the loft is boarded/has a ladder etc and even what the neighbours are like/ how long they have lived there.

All details a competent estate agent will be able to tell you.

On the actual viewing:

1. Arrive on time or your appointment may be cut short. If everyone arrives promptly, each viewing should run like clockwork.

2. An experienced agent will be able to offer their advice or opinion on potential improvements/ extensions or alternations that could be possible based on similar houses they have seen in the area.

If they don’t offer this invaluable guidance, don’t be afraid to put them on the spot and ask! It is up to them to “sell” the house to you, not just tell you what each room is called…

3. As well as writing down the answers to the questions you have pre prepared, write a pros and cons list so you can refer back to it after the viewing.

4. If you are keen to offer, inform the agent on the viewing to ensure you do not miss out. Then agree to speak on the phone once you have thought it through, following up with an email to confirm your offer and provide proof of ID, address and financial position.

5. If the property isn’t for you, it is always good practice to contact the agent (if they don’t get there first) to offer your personal feedback so they can update the owner. It is always appreciated and they may even be able to advise you of a new listing coming up so you could get the edge over other buyers simply by keeping in touch with the local agents. Open houses may have upward of 20 viewers! In the blur of viewer after viewer, be memorable and friendly. Trust me it really can work in your favour.

And there you have it, how to view houses like a pro! If you're on the look out for a new home, then make sure to check out our available properties.

If you're planning a move, book a valuation with myself or an Avocado partner agent.

Georgina Patey