Market high or market right 

Question - Should we market our home at a higher price and accept offers?

Here's the answer...

I've never been one to hide away from a challenge but the marketing price of a property is the most important part to get right. I'm sure you have heard the saying “You have one chance to make the best first impression” it's the same when considering the marketing price of your home.

Having lived and worked in Wokingham for many years I have my finger on the pulse to know whats happening in the local market, this allows me to be as specific as I can be when considering the right price. I know that if a property remains unsold for the first 28 days of marketing generally its one of a few things which are wrong.

  • The marketing
  • The advertising
  • The agent
  • The price

We often fall on the excuse of the first three, and whilst that can sometimes be the case it is most commonly the price which is wrong in the first instance.

Agents who are targeted based on instruction numbers will often say a price to win the business even though they don't believe it, just to tell their bosses they’ve won an instruction. It's a way to entice you onto the market with the view to accept offers, is that right thing to do? You all know someone thats happened to?

I have always said that I'd prefer to have multiple buyers through the door at the right price than one at a higher price. More viewers = More offers = The best sale price

At Avocado we are here to work for you;

  • To provide the right advise based on experience
  • To provide the right advise based on knowledge
  • To provide the right advise based on tech
  • To provide the right advise based on the local housing market

And more importantly …..

To provide the right advise based on the fact that its my reputation to do what I said I would, to get you sold and moving into your next home

I have achieved 105% of the asking price as an average for all my sellers who are currently under offer, this is based on the marketed price to what was achieved when agreeing a sale. Trust me to help you achieve what your home is worth. I will make the next move happen. Get in touch if you want to know more.

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