You might be asking yourself, why would anyone do a let to buy?

In this video Georgina offers valuable insights into the concept of let-to-buy arrangements, outlining their advantages and important considerations:

Strategic Investment: Let-to-buy allows homeowners to retain their property as an investment while purchasing a new one, providing a solid foundation for future financial security.

Consultation with Experts: consult with a mortgage broker to assess rates and affordability based on property capital, ensuring informed decision-making.

Compliance with Regulations: Before letting out the property, it's crucial to ensure compliance with regulations such as energy performance certificates (E rating or above) and gas safety checks.

Effective Property Management: Managing ongoing maintenance is simplified with the assistance of a reliable agent, reducing the burden on homeowners.

Financial Considerations: Homeowners should factor in potential void periods and associated fees when planning their let-to-buy strategy.

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