🏑 Avocado Property Market Update - November 2023

Hello, property enthusiasts! Here's the latest scoop from the real estate world:

πŸ‚ Seasonal Shift in Prices: With winter on the horizon, the property market is experiencing a seasonal adjustment. Average asking prices have decreased by 1.7% (a reduction of Β£6,088), settling at Β£362,143. This reflects a trend of sellers setting more realistic prices to attract buyers during the festive season.

πŸ” Stabilizing After the Pandemic: Post-pandemic, the market is gradually returning to normalcy. Despite a challenging end to 2022, the market is showing positive signs. Current asking prices are just 3% below the peak in May, highlighting the importance of accurate initial pricing.

πŸ“‰ Sales Trends: Compared to the pre-pandemic era (2019), sales are currently 10% lower, but this is an improvement from last month's 15% deficit. Additionally, the availability of properties for sale has nearly returned to pre-pandemic levels, signaling a balanced market.

🏠 Diverse Performance Across Property Types: Sales of smaller properties like studios and two-bedroom homes are close to their 2019 levels, down by only 7%. However, larger properties, such as four-bedroom detached homes, are trailing behind, with sales 14% lower than in 2019.

🌍 Regional Market Variations: Different regions are experiencing varying market trends. The Midlands and Southern regions are witnessing declines in property prices, whereas Wales, Scotland, and the North are seeing increases.

πŸ’· Economic Factors: The Bank of England has maintained the Base Rate, helping to stabilize buyer demand. The upcoming Autumn Statement is anticipated to bring further clarity and potential support to the market, especially for first-time buyers.

🌟 Looking Back at 2023: This year has been a dynamic one for the property market, demonstrating resilience in the face of challenges. The Autumn Statement will be a key event to watch, potentially setting the tone for the market as we move into 2024.

Stay tuned for more insightful updates from the property world as we journey into 2024! 🏑

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